TrashTalker Privacy Policy

The TrashTalker App was written by Protomatter Labs and as of version 3.1, it does not itself collect any personal data from or about users.

Users who have opted-in to Apple’s Analytics then are subject to the terms of data collection from that system.

Regarding other Protomatter Labs Apps

Some other Protomatter Labs apps collect extremely limited information from customers who do not opt-out of information collection. The collected information is only accessible to Protomatter Labs and is only used to drive development time decisions (apps that don’t get much use, get less development attention). This information is never shared with anyone outside of Protomatter Labs. The sort of information collected is limited to things like:

Public IP Address
The Public IP Address is collected as a means of getting an approximate sense of the geographical location of users.

Operating System Version
The Operating System Version is collected to help understand what users require support for. For instance, if there are many users running an older version of iOS, then Protomatter Labs will aim to continue to support those older versions when updating apps.

App Version
The version of the Protomatter Labs app is collected to help get a sense of if users are generally interested in updating to more recent versions or not.